I believe love is brave, adventurous, inspiring, raw, and perfectly imperfect.

I live for the moments that you cannot put into words. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am an incredibly sentimental person. I keep handwritten notes and cards for years, jot down priceless moments, and take ALL the photos whenever I can. My job as a photographer is to capture the priceless moments of your wedding day or a special time in your life so that you can relive and remember life's best moments.

Wedding days are what I live for. When the flowers are plenty, love is everywhere all the time, and I'm wiping away tears as my couples make the sweetest vows to each other. Not to mention me sobbing like a baby during father and daughter dances. I have shot countless weddings, but moments like these never get old. 

I am based out of Chicago, IL but travel all over the midwest for my couples. I have planted my roots in both Milwaukee, WI and Rockford, IL and now live in the Chicago area. I am ALWAYS up to travel to new places! 





Jared is my right-hand man and my younger brother.  I don't know what I would do without him. He is my main second shooter on wedding days and occasionally accompanies me to portrait sessions. I won the jackpot in the brother category. Jared has an awesome sense of humor and definitely a people person. He is also the best at carrying all the camera equipment (hehe). Over the years I have trained him in my style and I am so proud that he has developed an impeccable eye in getting awesome shots. He is also an amazing dancer, if you invite him to the dance floor you better watch out. ;)





Meet my husband, Andrew. He has been with me since Day 1 of starting this dream of being a photographer. When Jared is not available, you can bet on this guy stepping up as my second shooter.  He too is trained in my style and has probably seen far too many of my photos than he wishes to, so he knows my style well.  He's the best because he truly appreciates the work I put into my green tones of my photos. ;)