Iceland | Our Honeymoon

I am so excited to finally share photos from Andy and I’s honeymoon! I cannot believe it has been almost 2 months since we were in Iceland. I have put my honey moon photos on hold because when we got back my busy season began, but here they are! Stunning does not even begin to describe this place. To be honest I do not thing my photos will do it justice, but I tried my hardest.

Andy and I still cannot stop talking about this gorgeous country. You cannot really describe the beauty of this place. It was like we were on a whole different planet. Andy and I hiked a glacier, rode the fluffiest Icelandic horses, ATV'd across black sand beaches, chased waterfalls, ate all the seafood we could find, and so much more. Sadly, we missed all the puffins by a week because they migrated to a warmer place but there were sheep everywhere which made me happy. You can also bet that I lugged a tripod all the way there so we could do a little selfie shoot on the black sand beach. I am so excited to share just a slice of our amazing adventure that we will never forget. Our original Honeymoon Vlog was 30 minutes long and I was able to finally condense it down to 3 sweet minutes for you guys. I cannot wait to share our very first adventures as husband and wife. Bless this guy's soul for enduring my squeals and screeches of excitement (every time we saw a field of fluffy sheep) and driving us all the way around the country. I tried to drive but their narrow roads and uneven terrain had this girl spooked. I’ll let the photos and video do most of the talking. It was a trip of a lifetime and we are already trying to figure out how we can go back. The best part, I got to venture Iceland with my freshly married husband.


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